So much time to select shows

One of the disadvantages of countless TV series online is that it takes so much time to select shows.  Last year, there were nearly 500 current series in production across networks and streaming services.  This figure did not include thousands of existing shows from the past eight decades plus foreign productions to consider viewing. 

There is a popular saying – the internet is a candy store.  In this case, television shows stock the candy store, but the store is so vast, you cannot possibly sample all the candy.  The dilemma is how to find something you would really like to watch without spending hours upon hours of your time browsing?

Find exactly what you want

Here are a few shortcuts through the candy store to help you find exactly what you want.  First step, choose a flavor you enjoy, example:  Comedy tv shows.  Second step, do a Google search for best comedy tv shows online. Typical search results may include articles with details on ten or twenty series the writers feel are important for you to know about.  Third step, glance over a few articles and choose a few series which sound sweet. Fourth step, look for trailers or clips from those particular shows on Youtube and do a trailer and clip taste test to see which shows pique your interest.  Final step, watch actual episodes to determine if you like the shows and want to continue viewing.

Track your candy

There are critics who recommend that you watch two episodes of a given TV show to make a true determination.  This is because critics have noted that some shows get off to a slow start, some shows have brilliant pilots then fizzle out, etc.  After you decide which series are the tastiest, keep the shows you want to watch organized someplace other than your mind.  Track your candy store inventory using the latest applications!

Instead of maintaining watch lists on every streaming service for which you have signed up, use a watch list app where you can keep track of TV series online.  There are highly rated, free Android and iPhone apps to help you keep track of your viewing.  A few of these apps prompt you when a new episode in a series is coming up.  In the U.S., the average household with access to television on the internet utilizes 3 to 4 streaming services.  Every service has a list feature or “save to favorites.” However, these lists are not manageable across platforms. That is why using an app makes so much more sense to keep your television “candy” organized.