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Corporate Events – Three Common Types


Dec 19, 2018

Corporate events are popular in bringing social structure to a work environment. Building interpersonal relationships are important to a successful organization. Sponsored corporate events can achieve effective positive results that can not be achieved within the structure of an office environment.

Many people spend the majority of their time at work, the culture, the positive and rewarding work environment is an important factor often overlooked by employees. These are measured by the many sponsored corporate events offered by the organization as an incentive to their employees. Regardless of the size of an organization, most offer one or all of these three common types of corporate events: conferences and seminars, team building, and appreciation events.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars are for a targeted audience. Relevant company and industry information is shared at these events. One of the best annual social gatherings to learn more opportunities and trends in the industry.

Conferences are meetings on a larger scale. Usually held at a hotel or at a convention center, lasting several days. Typically, conferences have many break-out sessions with one keynote speaker. Often referred to as a “trade conference”, where up and coming trends and inside industry information are shared.

Seminars are usually shorter events lasting from an hour, half a day, or spread over a course of a few days. Lead by one instructor or by a few people presenting research materials. Many seminars are on specific topics or study, fewer attendees are often expected and held in one location for the duration of the seminar.

Team Building

The term team-building has gained popularity. When an organization offers these types of events, it’s often synonymous to a successful organization. Seeing progressive and positive results, organizations have invested in various team events. It’s now widely used as activities for group-development.

The purpose for any team building events is to improve individual and team social relations and performances. These events have many exercises and activities designed to define individual roles, address and reveal interpersonal issues among the team. The team then works together to create procedures, processes, and goals for a collective positive work environment and to improve performances.

Appreciation Events

Although it’s an unofficial holiday, Employee Appreciation Day is often recognized and observed annually in the United States on the first Friday of March. Some organizations observe this day while others expand it to a whole week event. Its purpose is for employees to spend time together informally outside the work environment. Some of these common events are:

  • Happy Hour
  • Non-work lunch or dinner with the boss
  • Complimentary dinner and theater shows
  • Complimentary sports arena suites
  • Complimentary tickets to concerts
  • Company picnics
  • Health and Wellness Day
  • Holiday Parties

Corporate event planning is how some organizations are showing gratitude to their employees, according to Forbes. Many other organizations offer year-round incentives, perks, and activities. Implementing corporate events can help promote a positive work environment and a culture where organizations continue to attract the best candidates and retain good employees.