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4 Incredible Ways Musicians can promote their Music


Jun 12, 2019
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Every musician, whether independent or as a band aspires to be popular and get a huge fan base. But achieving this can be quite challenging. The biggest secret to becoming popular and getting a lot of fans is to create great music. Making great music should be your primary focus.

That said, this article gives you some of the best strategies that you can use to promote your music. Some of the strategies include:

  1. Make great music

There’s no doubt that if you don’t make great music, you can never see any changes in your music career. In this music journey, know that you are in a tight race. There’s a high level of competition since you are competing against musicians or bands that are already popular. You should know that if you don’t make an effort of writing incredible music, then your chances of getting recognized is slim.

There’s a popular say in the music industry that “to make it big, you need just one song that captures peoples’ attention.” This statement is very true even to this date. The bottom line is that you must make incredible music.

  1. Define roles within your band

If you are in a band, you need to define roles of each person. For instance, you can select a person who creates content, manage the social media sites, do marketing, update your website, etc. For independent musicians, they can build a team. Building a team is crucial regardless of the size of your act.

The key to finding the right match for your band activities is to look at what one is good at and what he or she is interested in learning. It can be annoying to force a member in the band to do what they aren’t interested in. So it is crucial to know everyone’s strengths before selecting them for their respective roles.

  1. Live music promotion

While everything is moving towards digital, music is one of those things that still need a person-to-person strategy. There’s no doubt that one can create good music, release it, distribute it, promote it, and play it live while in their house. But just because you can do all these online, it doesn’t mean that you should. Interacting with people is still crucial for the success of your music career.

This is where sites such as Live Music in Dallas Fort Worth becomes helpful. You can use it to list your live show. Live shows offer you a chance to make money, perform your music, and have fun. You can also use live shows for marketing your music.

  1. Make good use of social media

In this digital era, what platform can you use to promote your product or service other than social media? You can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your music. Ensure that you use these platforms to their full potential.

Social media acts as a catalyst or conversation and word of mouth marketing. When making updates, 80% of them should be entertaining, while 20% of them should be promotional. It’s worth noting that social media can takes chunks of your time if you don’t manage your time properly; ensure that you properly balance your music time and the time you generally spend on social media for fun.