• Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

How to Make Loops and Samples Your Own?


Dec 19, 2018

If you are producer, then you know that there are a plethora of ways to create music. Some people enjoy recording their own loops by playing the drums, guitar, bass, piano, or any other instrument. Some of us prefer to use software and or hardware to manipulate samples and loops to create a beat. There is truly no wrong way to make a beat. But I will say if you prefer to use samples and loops to create your music, then make sure your samples and loops have been cleared by the owner. If you do not take this particular step, then you can easily get sued for copyright infringement. Once you have the okay to use certain beats and samples then you can truly unleash your creativity. Some may believe that adding a sample and using it in its original form is the only way to use the sample or loop in your beat, but this is so far from the truth. Thanks to technology, you have many options to create music once you download music loops and samples.


A great way to make a sample your own is to add it to other samples. If you have an ear for music, then you can experiment with the samples that you have. Add a bass sample to a piano sample and see if that gives you the sound that you were looking for. If the new sound does not tickle your fancy, then switch out the sounds. With a decent sample and loop archive you really have endless possibilities for your creativity. One thing to make sure of when layering your loops is that the bpm of each loop coincides with one another. Having samples with different bpm’s can cause your beats to sound chaotic and uniform.


With the right software, you can have the option to reverse the loop or sample. In the event that you reverse a loop or sample you really change how the sound is heard. A reversed loop can provide your beat with a different rhythm. This in turn gets help to get your creative juices flowing even more.

Chop & Slice 

Producers such as Kanye West are known for chopping and slicing loops. The “chop and slice” technique allows a producer to dissect a loop and only use the parts that he or she wants. For example, if you have a percussion loop, but only want to use the bass drum, then you can cut and slice the other percussion instruments so that only the bass drum is left. Once the other instruments are deleted from the track, then you will be able to paste the bass drum wherever you want it to go.


In addition to having the ability to chop/slice a loop or sample you can also make change the pitch. Some producers change the pitch of a loop or sample in order for to better fit their beat. Be careful when you change your pitch because the timing of the loop or sample can also change.