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The most well-known Justin Bieber songs.


Jan 28, 2020

Ever since he is burst into the music scene as a YouTube sensation when he was a teenager, Justin Bieber has ruled the pop charts with almost every song that he came up with. He went from being a babe faced teen heartthrob to public enemy number one due to the antics he pulled off. All of us have seen a multitude of these kinds of phases throughout his career. But the one thing that was constant throughout these years in spite of all of it is the quality of music. To listen to some of the best Vietnamese translators & interpreters download them today. Love him or hate him, Justine Bieber is a singer, songwriter and a dancer, an absolute package with tremendously loyal fans that call themselves Bielebers. Here are some of the most well known Justin Bieber songs that helped him establish a strong career in the industry.

  1. 2U: This is the first time when the Canadian singing star collaborated with the French DJ David Guetta. It’s a romantic song that is heavy on the beats. Justin Bieber’s vocals add a soft and emotional touch to the track. What’s better is that it had Victoria’s Secret’s Models lip-syncing to the track in the teaser. Having these two artists collaborate was a recipe for success.
  2. Beauty and a Beat: This is one of the first songs in which Justin Bieber impressed us with his dance moves. Produced by Zedd and Max Martin, this song is very catchy and upbeat. The song was originally written for someone else. But it was Justin Bieber’s idea to include Nicki Minaj in the track. And I think it fair to say it worked brilliantly.
  3. Baby: This is the song that helped Justin Bieber in making him a household name. The Canadian star was only 16 when he wowed everyone with this song. With his childlike voice and boyish looks, he was every teenager’s crush and this track was their jam. Everything being said, young age or not, this is a pretty good pop tune. Ludacris made a cameo with a few verses in the song as well.
  4. All that Matters: A romantic song that was written when Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez was in a happy phase (we are still sad about it). The acoustic guitar matching the electronic beat so perfectly. A perfect song to play at your wedding.
  5. Despacito (Remix): Despacito was a massive hit when it came out. And then came the remix of the song which had additional vocals by Justin Bieber. Like it or not, the remix went on to become a huge hit as well. This is the only song to date that has Bieber singing Spanish vocals.

The latest songs by Justin Bieber have all been superhits and topped the charts everywhere. He has been in the industry for such a long time that we sometimes forget he is only 25 years old. And we are sure that the best is yet to come.